Haunt (XBLA Kinect)
The following artwork was created for the game Haunt which was released on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and used Kinect. The game was set in a haunted house filled with ghosts and had a particularly quirky style.

Most of the art featured here were assets that were placed across the game often for the player to interact with.

All of the work was created whilst working for Zoë Mode.
Will To Survive
Will To Survive is a personal gaming project which I have been making in-between freelance work. It's a 2D isometric survival game on multiple formats using XNA and MonoGame.

I have been solely responsible for all the artwork in the game and have been responsible for the majority of programming so far. I have also developed tools and scripts to assist with the exporting of assets to speed up development.

The project has recently been green lit on the Steam Greenlight service and has been featured on a variety of web sites.

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Daisy My Design (iOS & Android)
Daisy My Design is a free mobile and tablet app created in Unity and released by Clarks for young children to play dress up. I assisted Fat Pebble in it's creation, working on many aspects of the game including clothes modeling, texturing, user interface design and writing shaders.
Jack Nano Racing (iOS & Android)
Jack Nano Racing was the male equivalent of Daisy My Design, it is a free mobile and tablet racing game created in Unity and released by Clarks for young children. I assisted Fat Pebble in it's creation on various elements but mainly in the creation of much of the 3D city, city & track textures and shaders.
Systagenix (BigMan3D)
In 2012 and 2013 I have helped Bigman 3D on various Systagenix projects. The projects have been to show how to apply and use various medical products. The style is very particular and involved many different render passes composited together. I helped with various modelling and texturing tasks as well material development and the design of the wounds. I was also an integral part of the render process tackling some of the passes entirely and developing scripts to automate many repetitive tasks to cut down on time and cost.
Cancelled Games Projects
During my career I have worked on many projects which have been cancelled for various different reasons, some of them pitches that were never picked up. This section is for the work that never saw the light of a console disc tray.
Grease (Wii)
While at Zoë Mode I worked on the Grease title for the Wii console. I was drafted in to help out late on in the project and mainly tackled the particles for the game using the Nintendo Particle Tool.

I later helped out near the end of Grease Dance for the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 too.
You're In The Movies (360)
You're In The Movies was a camera based game release on XBox 360 using it's original vision camera. I worked on various assets in the game including mini-game props, frame ornaments, backgrounds and user interface elements.
Rock Revolution (PS3 & 360)
Shortly after training at Escape Studios I did some work for them as a freelancer, the work was outsourced art for a game called Rock Revolution by Zoë Mode.

Rock Revolution was a similiar game to Guitar Hero which was released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
Firing Pin Games
Firing Pin Games is the moniker I have adopted to pursue my own games development projects under.

I have developed every aspect of logo design, web and print work associated with it.
Evie Knight
In early 2013 I was asked to create a low budget e-commerce shopping site for the Evie Knight clothing company.

We decided to use the Shopify service to create the site on because it was ideal for the budget, having nearly all the feature required in place already and a strong focus on the ability to customise your site via HTML, CSS and their own proprietary scripting language similar to PHP.

I was responsible for designing the layout of the site based on very clear direction from Evie Knight as well as transferring the design across to the Shopify service using web scripting.

Other responsibilities included editing back end scripting code for pages, modifying the settings pages to allow the Evie Knight team to modify sections of the site such as collections and front page items. I also performed browser compatibility checks as well as setting up things such as domains, DNS settings, payment gateways etc.
University Work
These are some pieces of work I created while studying for my degree in illustration at Derby University.
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